3D model of universal laptop cooler with stand for 3D printing

Instead of buying cheap or expensive laptop coolers that you are not sure if they match with your laptop, you can 3D print and build our propose gadget of a universal cooling pad extracting the hot air from your laptop. The mini vacuum made by three fans of 25X25X10mm size extracting the hot air directly from your laptops’ GPU and CPU. Also, the stand is made at an angle of 15 degrees reducing the temperature by just letting the hot air under your laptop to be recycled. Despite the ergonomic stand, the proposed cooler is much smaller than the common commercial vacuum USB coolers and more effective.

Free 3D model of a universal laptop cooler with stand
3D printed universal laptop cooler with stand

The assembly of the laptop cooler is very easy. Just 3D print the models that you can find at the end of the post with the suggested printing settings. Also, if you deal any trouble with the cup of the fans, a scaled part at 99% is included. Use of 2.5mm or 3mm bolts with 15mm length. In the above photo, 2.5mm bolts have been used. Find a USB cable, even an old one, cut it at the right size and find the red and black cables. Make a simple connection of all the red cables and all the black cables respectively and you are ready. Don’t forget to make a knob or just use a plastic strap to secure the cable not to go off. The only disadvantage of this proposed 3D printed product is that it makes noise due to the low-cost fans. However, it can be used in conjunction with our proposed design product laptop stand. Don’t let your laptop burning when it handles heavy computational lifts!

Free 3D model of a universal laptop cooler with stand
The connection of the universal laptop cooler.


Supports or rafts

This part does not need supports or rafts.


Use of three lines perimeter.

Layer Height


Printing speed


Travel speed


(3X) 25x25x10 mm Fan 5V
(12X) BOLTS 3MMX15MM or 2.5MMX15MM