3D model of a stencil for 3D printing

The design represents Banksy’s stencil girl bomb hugger. The dimensions of the model are 180x120x1.5 (mm) and can be printed for a personalised t-shirt painted with a spray or fabric paint. Also, the design has high analysis and can be scaled and cut into pieces for large areas or walls.

Free 3D model of a stencil with Banksy's girl bomb hugger for 3D printing
3D model of a stencil with Banksy’s girl bomb hugger


After painting your wall or your t-shirt or whatever you want the result should look like this:

Free 3D model of famous stencils
The result of painting with the proposed stencil: Banksy – Girl bomb hugger.

You can find more stencils here representing popular figures such as Yoda, Darth Vader, Hartigan from Sin City and much more. Print them very easily without any special printing setting and create a custom t-shirt with your personal taste or paint your walls with your favourites stencils.

Supports or rafts

This part does not need supports or rafts.


By using only one perimeter line, the part will be printed accurately and it will need less printing time.

Layer Height

High layer height, i.e. 0.25 mm for a 3D printer with 0.4 mm nozzle, since it does not affect any detail of the part.

Printing speed

Low printing speed for the perimeters and high speed for the infill.

Travel speed


Download Design (0.84$): Link
(1x) PLA filament
(1x) Spray glue
(1x) Fabric paint