3D printed earplugs

Most of the simple earplugs cannot be attached to the ear for a long time. In the proposed design, the holders keep the earplugs attached to the ears, so they can be used also during sleeping or in other daily activities. Also, a valve can be used for the reduction of the pressure; it can be open or closed. Flexible materials are recommended for the main parts and PLA for the valves.

Free 3D models of earplugs for 3D printing
Available three types of 3D printed earplugs
Free 3D models of earplugs for 3D printing
Cut view of the earplug showing the valve
The valve and how it lets the air out

Supports or rafts

This part does not need supports or rafts.


Use of three lines perimeter.

Layer Height


Printing speed


Travel speed


Download Design: Link

(1x) PLA filament

(1x) Flexible filament