Connect up to 16 IMUs with an Arduino

By using a multiplexer (MUX), it is possible to connect more than one or two IMUs on a single board. A MUX can forward the signal of several analog or digital sensors into a single input. Figure 1 presents the connection of 4 IMUs (mpu6050 or you can connect mpu9250) with a multiplexer (CD74HC4067). The connected IMUs could be up to 16 and for the extraction of each IMU’s measurements, it is necessary to activate the related channel every time (Table 1). However, using an analog multiplexer the response of the IMUs will not be so accurate in comparison with an I2C address multiplexer such as TCA9548A. More you can find here.

Figure 1. Multiplexer and IMUs connection circuit.

Table 1.Truth table for the activation of the relative channel (0 = LOW, 1 = HIGH) with analog multiplexer.

Soon a low cost DIY 3D rotation system for the validation and calibration of IMUs will follow!!! Designs for 3D printing, code and tests will follow… Stay tuned for our newsletters.

Free designs, code and tests with a low cost 3D rotation system
Low-cost DIY 3D rotation system for IMU validation


(1x) Arduino Uno
(1-16x) IMU MPU-6050 or IMU MPU-9250
(1x) Multiplexer CD74HC4067 or TCA9548A (more here)
Download Code, Documents and Circuit: Link
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